iphone water damage repair in glasgow

Expert Advice for Effective iPhone Water Damage Repair in Glasgow

Has your iPhone taken a dip in the water? Don’t panic! We provide useful guidance here to deal with water damage repairs.

Sometimes, water gets into your phone and damages the internal parts. That significantly causes hindrances in your normal working. To successfully handle this issue, follow our suggestions for significant iPhone water damage repair in Glasgow.

Remember, be careful of common mistakes to improve the possibility of recovery. Learn to assess the damage and choose an appropriate path of action to secure your phone.

Common Problems Due to Water Damage

Undoubtedly, water damage can seriously affect the hardware or software of your iPhone, which becomes difficult to repair. Let’s see some common water damage issues below:

iPhone Won’t Turn On

Water causes short circuits or damages the internal parts. This leads to the complete failure or turn off of the mobile.

 Damage To The iPhone Screen

Secondly, often water damage is visible by black patches or lines just below the glass. In such a case, let it dry completely after switching it off.

Speaker Problem

Thirdly, water penetration also affects the functioning of speakers, leading to soundless mobile.

Immediate Actions for iPhone Water Damage Repair

When your iPhone comes in contact with water, swift actions can significantly enhance its chances of revival. Follow these DIY steps to reduce the potential damage before seeking professional guidance from a Glasgow Repair Centre.

  • Switch your phone quickly by using a power slider.
  • Use a soft cloth and dry thoroughly from the outside.
  • Carefully tap the iPhone with its speakers and charging port facing down to clear any extra water.
  • After taking out the SIM tray, place it in a dry, airy area. Try to arrange a fan at the openings.
  • Use silica gel to absorb moisture.

Preventing Steps to Avoid Further Complications

Moreover, some additional necessary steps can also save the life of your mobile from water damage. Whereas, certain unnecessary actions increase the risk of complexities in the future.

Let’s overview them in detail.

  • Don’t dry your cell phone with compressed air, a hair dryer or heater, etc.
  • Avoid inserting anything into the SIM tray or Lightning connector, such as a piece of tissue or cotton.
  • Allow moisture to evaporate itself.
  • Do not connect any cable, including the charger, until it dry. Current iPhones alert its users after detecting water in the lightning port. Before attempting to charge again, wait for at least 24 hours.
  • Don’t use uncooked rice to absorb water. Apple warns against this as rice particles can enter openings and further damage the iPhone.

Quick Action is key to iPhone Water Damage Repair

Undoubtedly, water damage is scary. However, taking quick action and seeking professional help from technicians at Glasgow Repair Centres increase the chances of saving your iPhone.

Below are the reasons why immediate action is necessary:

1. Minimizes Corrosion

As long as the water remains inside the phone, it increases the risk of corrosion, causing severe damage to internal components. On the other hand, timely repairs save your device from permanent issues.

2. Increases Repair Success

Early involvement of skilled technicians allows them to use specialized tools and techniques for precise iPhone water damage repair.

3. Protects Data

Swift repairs reduce the risk of data loss. Additionally, the expert technicians readily use the latest methods for data backup to ensure its safety.

Fixation at Glasgow Repair Centres

Several reputable shops like Glasgow Repair Centre deliver repair services that restore the normal functioning of your cell phone. Let’s see what to expect during the repair process.

i. Skilled Technicians

Qualified technicians assess the damage and determine if the repairs are possible.

ii. Latest Techniques for iPhone Water Damage Repair

They use advanced procedures like Micro-Soldering Techniques that can recover the malfunctioning phone.

iii. Genuine Parts

Experts use high-quality parts to replace damaged iPhone parts for optimal functioning.

iv. Warranty Repairs

Quality fixation with warranty provides peace of mind to customers.

Tips to Avoid Water Damage Repair

  • Purchase a standard quality waterproof case for your phone that protects it from sudden drops and splashes.
  • Be careful while using phones near water sources like pools, toilets, and bathtubs.
  • If it gets in the water, immediately contact the authorized Glasgow Repair Centre for perfect fixation.


In short, water damage causes serious harm to various parts of your iPhone. However, you can significantly increase your chances of saving your iPhone by taking swift action immediately. However, for reliable iPhone water damage repair get expert assistance from professionals of Glasgow Repair Centres.

Furthermore, protective measures can also help safeguard your phone from potential damage. Remember that you may extend the life of your iPhone while preserving its performance with certain knowledge and care.