A Guide to Common Computer Issues

A Comprehensive Guide of Solutions to Common Computer Issues

Computers play an important part in every field of life. They help in performing various tasks related to work and entertainment. But, like all other tech devices, computer users in Glasgow face different problems in performing normal functions.

Here we’ll discuss common computer issues in this blog. And then provide simple troubleshooting solutions to resolve them effectively.

Common Computer Issues and Their Prospective Solutions

While working on the computer, different problems can cause frustrations in the continuous workflow of the computer PC. Let’s see some main issues and their step-by-step solutions for smoother and uninterrupted functioning.

1.    Slow Performance

Sluggish response when opening different programs and files with consistent crashing of apps causes slow performance of PCs. This can be solved by the following easy steps.

  1. Close Unnecessary Programs

Shut down all programs running in the background to free up space and delete unnecessary files.

  1. Check for Malware Programs

Use antivirus software to perform malware scans and remove malfunctioning programs.

  1. Upgrade Hardware

The addition of more RAM or moving to a solid-state drive also speeds up the performance.

  1. Update Software and Prevent from Overheating

Always keep your operating system and apps updated with the assurance of proper ventilation for optimal performance of your PC.

2.    Software Glitches

The following issues are due to malfunctioning software.

  • Error messages while using software apps.
  • Unexpected freezing or crashing programs.
  • Incompatibility between software and operating systems.

Now, let’s find simple ways to fix these malfunctioning issues.

  1. Reinstall Software

Uninstall the problematic software and then reinstall it to solve the issue. Updating the affected software can also fix related issues and bugs.

  1. Compatibility Troubleshooter

A tool called built-in compatibility troubleshooter helps to identify compatibility issues and fix them. So, install and use it.

  1. System Requirements

Check if your PC fulfills the minimum system requirements for your required software or not.

3.    Hardware Failures

Hardware failures are also some of the common computer issues that PC users usually face.


Common symptoms of hardware failures are

  • Blue screen errors (BSOD) or crashed system.
  • Unusual noises from the computer.
  • The system doesn’t recognize hardware components.


  • Check that all hardware parts are completely connected to the motherboard.
  • Test hardware components for defects by using third-party software or by using built-in diagnostic tools.
  • Install firmware updates for your hardware devices and replace faulty hardware.

4.    Net Connectivity Issues

Poor internet connectivity usually causes slow performance of the computers. The following symptoms show that the PC has problems with internet connections.

  • Unable to connect to Wi-Fi networks
  • Slow internet connection
  • Limited access to different websites

The easy troubleshooting tips to solve such common computer issues due to internet connectivity are discussed below.

  1. Activate Router

Unplug from the power source then plug it back in to restart the router. It makes your Wi-Fi work better and helps to fix internet problems.

  1. Latest Software

Install the latest version of network adapter software and reconfigure them. It will enable a faster internet connection.

  1. Contact ISP

If the problem persists, contact your Local Internet Service Provider to resolve this issue.

5.    Unresponsive Input devices

Sometimes unresponsive input devices create hindrances in the smooth functioning of the computer. A few of those devices and issues mainly include:

  • Uncontrolled Cursor movement.
  • Unresponsive keyboard keys and mouse buttons.
  • Wireless input devices are unable to connect to a computer.

To solve these common computer issues effectively, follow these steps.

  1. Proper Connections:

Check that wired input devices are properly connected to the PC.

  1. Replace Batteries:

Replace batteries and ensure proper pairing with the system in wireless devices.

  1. Update Drivers:

Check Device Manager and reinstall drivers to solve any challenges with input devices.

  1. Test On Other Computers:

Test devices on other computers to find the hardware-related issue.

  1. Replace Faulty Devices:

If input devices are found defective, immediately replace them with new ones for the continuous working of your computer.

Professional Guidance from Glasgow Repair Centre’s

In case, you are unable to solve any of the above computer-related issues, then contact professional technicians of Glasgow repair shops immediately. The skilled technicians there can handle and resolve all common computer issues effectively with great expertise. Moreover, their quick techniques ensure your PC works efficiently and smoothly with a fast turnaround time.


At times, facing computer PC issues can be challenging and frustrating. Never the less, by applying easy troubleshooting techniques, these problems can be solved easily at home.

The above-mentioned simple solutions can resolve most common computer issues with ease and ensure a non-stop computing experience. However, seeking services from Glasgow Repair Centre’s for complicated issues helps in maintaining the quality performance of your computer PC for a longer time.