Google Pixel Common Issue Troubleshooting Glasgow Repair Centre

 Troubleshooting Tips for Solving Common Google Pixel Repair Issues

Google Pixel phones are known for their smart attractive design and efficient performance. However, from cracked screens to software glitches, Glasgow users come across different problems while using Google Pixel.

Luckily, sometimes simple troubleshooting steps can easily solve these common Google Pixel repair issues at home. Moreover, Professional Glasgow Repair Centre’s are always there to save you from further damage.

So, in this blog, we discuss main most common Google Pixel problems and provide a step-by-step troubleshooting guide to fix them.

Troubleshooting Solutions to Common Google Pixel Repair Issues

Whether Pixel 5, Pixel 6, or any specific Pixel model you have that is facing any problems, the below-given steps can easily fix common repairs.

1. Cracked Screen

Sometimes, the pixel screen is cracked or damaged due to a sudden drop-down. This causes different issues of display or responsiveness of the screen. However, it can be recovered by following the given steps.

  • Find the damage extent by observing cracks, or response of touch areas.
  • If the screen is partially working, then immediately back up the data.
  • If you have technical skills, then buy a replacement kit and follow online tutorials.

However, it is risky to replace the screen by yourself. Contact an authorized Glasgow Repair Centre to replace or repair your screen and save your device’s warranty.

2. Battery Issues

Rapid battery drain is also one of the common Google Pixel issues. This causes complexities in the smooth working of mobile. Follow these troubleshooting steps and get rid of the common Google Pixel repair issues of battery.

a) Check Battery Usage

  • Go to settings.
  • Identify the most power-consuming apps.
  • Try to limit the background activity of such apps.

b) Battery Saver Mode

Settings > Battery > Battery Saver to conserve battery life

c) Display settings

Adjust screen brightness, reduce screen timeout duration, and disable unnecessary display features.

d) Update Software

Always update the operating system for the optimization of battery life. Updated software ensures the smooth running of cell phones and reduces hindrances in the efficient performance of mobiles.

Still, it is better to seek guidance from expert technicians at Glasgow repair shops to solve the battery issues with expertise and accuracy.

3. Software Glitches

Freezing, app crashes, or other malfunctioning software usually cause severe issues in the normal workflow of the cell phone. These common Google Pixel repair issues of software can be overcome by the following steps:

  • Restart device
  • Clear APP Cache and Data
  • Settings > Apps >Choose problematic app >Storage and cache >Clear cache

a) Safe Mode

Boost it to Safe Mode to identify problematic third-party apps.

b) Factory Reset

If the issue is still there, back up all your necessary data. Then perform Factory Reset to restore to its original settings, don’t forget to back up the device.

c) Update Software

Update all the apps and Operating Systems of your device. Software updates often fix bugs and increase performance removing software issues.

To avoid further repair issues related to software, consult reputable Glasgow Repair Centers as the professionals there can handle the problem effectively.

4. Malfunction Camera

Blurry images, unclear videos, or error messages create difficulty in users’ mobile photography. Remove these common Google Pixel repair issues associated with the camera with these simple steps.

  • Clean the camera lens carefully.
  • Go to Settings > Apps and notifications > See all apps > Camera > Storage and Cache > Clear cache
  • Restart the camera app
  • Update Google Pixel’s camera App from the Google Play Store.

However, It’s recommended to select professional repair shops in Glasgow to repair or replace the broken camera lens with high precision.

5. Loud Speaker Issues

Nowadays, cell phones are the main source of communication with each other. Poor audio quality or low volume causes disruptions in effective interactions through mobiles. However, it can be reset by following the below steps.

  • Open Settings
  • Press System > App > Reset
  • Press Reset Wi-Fi, mobile, and Bluetooth. After finishing this, you may have to sign in to your Wi-Fi networks.
  • For low-volume issues, check your mobile volume button isn’t on mute.

Furthermore, to improve the audio quality and for the best performance contact authorized Google Pixel Glasgow repair stores to replace faulty speakers. Their certified technicians there provide services with a warranty and fast turnaround time.


In short, problems with any specific Pixel models e.g. Pixel 5, Pixel 6, etc. cause disturbances in working. However, they can be solved by following some simple troubleshooting steps. Whether it’s a volume issue or a fast-drained battery, all common Google Pixel repair issues can be solved through a few steps at home first.

However, in case of severe complications, it is good to quickly seek guidance from an expert Glasgow Repair Centre to save your device. There, you can have a more reliable and trusted experience of expert solutions from professional technicians for the smooth functionality of your device.