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Beyond Repair: When It’s Time to Upgrade Your OPPO Phone

Have you been thinking about upgrading your OPPO phone? If so, probably you are going to make the best decision. Although OPPO phones are very famous for their durability and vulnerability. But in some cases, it is very important to upgrade your Oppo phone.
In this blog, we will guide you on why sometimes upgrading your phone is the best option left. Also, we will give you an overview of a variety of the latest models of OPPO phones, their affordability, and special discounts at the Glasgow Repair Centre.

Why Does Your OPPO Phone Need an Upgrade?

Indeed, OPPO phones are always up to date with the latest software updates and high-quality performance. But there are some cases in which the only possible solution left is to upgrade your OPPO phone.

Typically, these are the two main reasons that make you upgrade your phone after some time:

Comprehensive Damage

Unfortunately, sometimes your device faces an accident that leads to irreparable damage. The damage may be of three basic types:

  • Shattered screen
  • Drained in water
  • Melted parts by heat

Ultimately, in this scenario, upgrading is the best option because repairing might not guarantee that it will work properly and show all the functions effectively or not. Also repairing it repeatedly might prove costly in your pocket.

Therefore, it is better to upgrade to a new one rather than waste money on constantly repairing a damaged one. Particularly, in this case, you must upgrade your OPPO phone.

Old-fashioned Model

Indeed, OPPO’s company is always up to something to make better versions of their devices. Older versions may cause you to face some limitations and restrictions in functionality and system. Thus, these outdated models can give you a tough time.
Given below are some of the difficulties that people face with outdated versions of OPPO phones:

  • Out-dated versions didn’t support some apps.
  • Previous OPPO models had slow speeds.
  • Old OPPO phones may have very drained battery issues.
  • They can also restrict access to some internet sites.
  • Sometimes they don’t allow you to update the latest software.

By considering all these points, you must have come to the point of why you need to upgrade your OPPO phone.

Oppo’s Latest Updated Models

So now that you have known why you should upgrade your Oppo phone and are thinking of buying a new one; you may be wondering which are the latest models to buy. Let us tell you.

Generally, below are some of the latest models and versions of the OPPO phone, which you can get as an upgrade.


Firstly, if you need a pocket-friendly phone with high-quality performance, then the OPPO A96 is the best option for you. This phone has durable performance and functionality within an affordable budget. Particularly, this model covers the audience of young students and entrepreneurs.

OPPO Find X5 Pro

OPPO finds the X5 Pro to be the most loved product in the technology industry. This model is high-performance with premium materials and has a sleek design. This model incorporates some great features like it includes:

  • An advanced camera system.
  • A long-lasting and durable battery life.
  • A cutting-edge processor.
  • The most stylish phone’s body.

OPPO Reno8

Thirdly, this specific model of OPPO mobile phone company is the most desirable phone for most people. It gives all these premium features like the following at a very affordable price:

  • 48- month fluency protection
  • 108MP portrait camera
  • Dual micro curved design
  • 120Hz 3D curved screen