Nitendo Switch Repair

Get Your Switch Back in Action Fast: How Long Does Repair Take?

Is your Nintendo Switch giving you a hard time? Wondering how long it will your switch back in action fast? No need to fret we’ve got this! We know when the beloved Nintendo Switch of all time often gets into trouble, making gamers frustrated and upset. And repairing process takes a lot of time making it difficult to wait for pro gamers.

Today, in this blog, we will guide you about normal repairing time for common issues of Nintendo Switch. Also, we will discover how you can execute the repairing process efficiently.

Why Does Your Nintendo Switch Need a Quick Fix?

Although, Nintendo is famous for its versatile and awesome games and consoles. But sometimes it shows some problems like not turning on, not connecting to the internet or some hardware issues. Therefore, you need to know that the quicker you send your Nintendo Switch to repair, the sooner you get your Switch back in action fast. Only in this way, you can revive your adventurous journey back again soon.

Common Nintendo Switch Problems That Need Repair

Here are some major problems related to the Nintendo Switch that need frequent and immediate repair to prevent further loss:

1. Broken Screen

If your screen is cracked or showing dead pixels because of accidental drops. Then it needs to be repaired because it can cause disturbance while having a seamless gaming session.

2. Joy-Cons Drift

The most commonly occurring issue with the Nintendo Switch is Joy-Con drift. Sometimes the analog sticks on the controller and captures untouched movements. This makes games unplayable because of free touch.

3. Hardware and Software Problems

Some major problems that occur with Nintendo Switch software and hardware that immediately need repair from a reliable Glasgow Repair Centre are:

  • Overheating
  • Controller connecting issues
  • Stuck controller buttons
  • Game freezing
  • System crashes, and many more.

4. Power Issues

Above all, Nintendo Switch often faces battery issues, making it shut down unexpectedly or unable to hold a charge. These issues are dangerous if not treated immediately. Thus, they require immediate solutions.

Factors That Affect Repair Time

If you want to get your Nintendo Switch back in action fast. Then you must keep in mind the following critical factors. Because these factors primarily determine the time of repair:

1. Level of Damage

The time of repair mostly depends on the complexity of the damage. Simple issues such as overheating or dust buildup usually don’t take much time. On the other hand, complex problems such as motherboard issues or screen replacement may require a longer time.

2. Parts Availability

The second most important thing that affects the repair time is the availability of needed parts. If the parts needed for your device are available easily then it will take less time. But if they are in backorder then it can lead to delays.

3. Warranty

If your device is still under warranty then official repair services may give ease by giving you a quick turnaround time. That’s because they know how to handle every problem with expertise.

4. Shipping

If you are getting online services then it will take some time for shipping and parceling the orders. But if it is a local repair service like visiting a reliable Glasgow Repair Centre then it will be a quick one.

How to Get Your Switch Back in Action Fast?

Here are some amazing tips to make a fast recovery of your device:

1. Prep Before Repair

Always backup your data before going to repair to avoid loss of any important data. Another thing is that you must give a detailed description of the issue to help the technicians for a better understanding of the issue.

2. Choosing an Ideal Repair Shop

If you want to get your switch back in action quickly, you need to select the best Glasgow Repair Centre that gives the best quality services within no time.

3. Get Emergency Services

Lastly, if you want to get your switch back in action fast, consider giving some extra charges to avail of emergency services. These services include your device inspection and repair within the time you grant.


Nevertheless, getting your switch back in action fast typically requires a proper understanding of the repair procedure. Knowing the common problems and their affecting factors helps you make informed decisions while managing your expectations. Ultimately, this ensures that you spend less time waiting and more in enjoying games!