How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Phone Screen?

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Phone Screen?

Is your phone screen broken? Are you thinking about repairing it but hesitating because you are unaware of the cost to repair a phone screen? If yes then this article is for you! As we know, phone screens are crucial for smartphones as they serve as the primary interface. They are quite sensitive too. They barely tolerate any accidental damage or drop.

Today, in this blog we will guide you through the dilemma of repairing the cost of the broken screen. Nevertheless, understanding the estimated cost before going to repair is important to make an informed decision. So stick to the end with us!

Factors Affecting the Cost to Repair a Phone Screen

Here are some factors that affect the rate of repairing a broken screen:

1. Damage Extent

The most influencing factor in determining the cost of repairing a broken phone screen is the extent of damage. Minor cracks on the screen cost less than a severely shattered screen. No doubt, severe damage also affects touch sensibility performance and functionality. And if any internal part is broken then it will also increase the cost of repairing.

2. Phone Model

Secondly, the cost to repair a phone screen also depends upon the type and version of the phone. If you have a premium branded phone then it will be a bit expensive because of the complexity or quality of the screen. On the other hand, if you have a phone which is budget-friendly then it is less costly and can be repaired easily everywhere.

3. Warranty

Thirdly, if your phone is still under warranty then it will be very helpful for you, because when you seek the guidance of the manufacturer they may give you a discount. Worry not, if there is as such no policy of giving discount because it won’t cost as much as usual repair because of the warranty.

4. Types of Repair

Another factor in which the cost to repair a phone screen depends is the type of repair service you avail.

These are the three main basic types of phone screen repair services:

· Official Repair Service

The most reliable services because of the surety of quality and expertise of the mobile manufacturing company. But remember, these services are usually expensive until the phone is under the company’s warranty.

· DIY Repairing

The cheapest option but quite a risky one. Its price range however depends on the availability of needed parts and tools. Along with this, the right repair expertise is also crucial for DIY techniques.

· Third-Party Repair Services

They are quite moderate and affordable, but it depends upon the repair shop selection. You must choose the best Glasgow Repair Centre to avail best quality affordable services.

TIPS to Save the Cost to Repair a Phone Screen

If you want to save money from repairing your phone’s broken screen, you need to know these tips and tricks. Some of the most effective tips to save money from repair are as follows:

1. Use Protection

If you invest in screen protectors, screen savers, or protective cases then you really can save money on repair costs. This can help you avoid the damage that can come from accidental drops and helps to protect your phone.

2. Repair Vs Replacement

Calculate if the price of repairing is more than the brand new phone, then replacing it might be a better option.

3. Check for Discounts and Warranty

Reliable Glasgow Repair Centres usually offer discounts, so there is no shame in asking them about any discount or promotion available. Also, you must check before going for repair if your phone is still under warranty or not. It will help you save your money on repairing a lot.

Precautions to Take After Damage

Moreover, if you want to save the cost to repair a phone screen then you must follow these guidelines:

  • Try not to use the phone after damage to avoid any further problems.
  • Immediately turn the phone power off to avoid any electrical damage.
  • Keep it in a packaging until you find an ideal repair shop.


In short, repairing the broken screen of your phone can be costly. But if you understand our guidelines, you will be able to save the cost to repair a phone screen easily. Also, primary precautions can help in avoiding such problems and save you valuable money. Last but not least if you want to save money then you can utilize Glasgow Repair Centre’s service from professional experts. They are the most affordable.